home-img Research Shows that only 1 in 300 children in poverty have age-appropriate books - it is our drive, our mission to end that cycle. We collect and then deliver books via bicycle to children in Title 1 Schools and low-income communities, educating them on the importance of literacy and a healthy lifestyle. Join our cause. Live our Mission!

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We Need Your Help – Please Support Ride for Reading’s Mission It’s National Ride for Reading Week! Ride for Reading Coordinators and Volunteers across the country are mobilizing book deliveries to low-income communities in 22 cities in 16 different states! We are shipping and distributing as many as 10,000 age-appropriate books to children this week alone. Special thank you to Better World Books for donating several of these books! It takes year-round effort to make these events happen, and that means we need your help. … read more