home-img Research Shows that only 1 in 300 children in poverty have age-appropriate books - it is our drive, our mission to end that cycle. We collect and then deliver books via bicycle to children in Title 1 Schools and low-income communities, educating them on the importance of literacy and a healthy lifestyle. Join our cause. Live our Mission!

Latest News

Fall Teacher Book Pick-up / Book Sorting Teachers, come pick out books for your classrooms. Volunteers, come help us sort & clean books for upcoming Book Deliveries. More info at: www.rideforreading.org/events. More dates to come! October Book Delivery Join us for our October Book Delivery to Robert Churchwell Elementary on Thursday, October 3rd. We will meet at Ride615 Bicycle Shop in Sylvan Park at 12pm. Volunteer cyclists, guest speakers, readers are needed! More info at: www.rideforreading.org/events. November Book Delivery Save … read more