Book Donations

As a primarily volunteer organization, we are always in need of new or gently-used children’s books, ages Pre-K through 4th grade. We will also accept middle & high school-aged books.

“The Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report: Fifth Edition confirms what we’ve long known: Independent reading, both at school and at home, builds successful readers. What’s more, the research shows that giving students a say in what they read is key. And from our experience, we also know that frequent reading creates proficient readers who thrive personally and academically.”

One of our goals on our Ride for Reading Book Deliveries is to provide students the opportunity to select a book of their choice to take home to promote literacy both in and outside the classroom. With a statewide (and nationwide) push by school districts to improve literacy, Ride for Reading is helping by donating books to schools in low-income communities. We want to help improve outcomes by donating books to students who may be struggling with reading. “We have found that there is a gap between school and home when it comes to literacy,” said Brenda Mikec, Executive Director of Ride for Reading. “A lot of students don’t have books, much less age-appropriate ones, at home and this affects the progress that is made during the school day. We want to make sure every child has the tools necessary to succeed as we work to decrease, and ultimately eliminate, illiteracy rates.” Ride for Reading promotes literacy and healthy living among kids living in low-income communities by delivering age-appropriate books via bicycle. With the support of volunteers, sponsors and partners, Ride for Reading has been serving the Nashville and surrounding communities for over 10 years!

If you would like to collect or donate books to be delivered to children in lower-income communities, you can do so in the following ways:

  1. Schedule a pick-up or meet-up with a Ride for Reading staff member or volunteer by e-mailing
  2. Visit one of our Drop-off Sites in and around Nashville
  3. Host a Book Drive at your business, school, neighborhood, etc. Once books are collected, contact to arrange a drop-off or pick-up.