RfR Cycling Program

The Ride for Reading Cycling Development Program is designed to provide 3rd and 4th grade students with the tools and skills needed to access books and bikes through a mentor/mentee process. The elementary students will engage in weekly mentor/mentee sessions with community leaders of the biking and literacy community. In addition, the students will have sessions with 8th grade students from their zoned middle school, Cameron College Prep. In addition these students have completed the Oasis Center Bike Build program and  are active members in the  Oasis’ mountain bike team.

The weekly mentor sessions will begin with the mentor/mentee engaging in book study/book reading. After the reading/mentor session the students will engage in a bike build program.

The program will last 8 weeks with the first 3 weeks consisting of building the bikes and the last 5 weeks consisting of riding the bikes. However, all 8 sessions will include the mentor/mentee reading a self-selected book or other literacy oriented activity and at the end of the program the elementary students will take their bicycle home. It is our hope to issue custom bicycle jerseys to every program participant upon their completion of the program.
This program will provide the students with tools to be successful in reading, riding bicycles and developing social skills and discipline.

This program is being hosted for the first time at Fall Hamilton Elementary School in Nashville, TN.

More information on how you can support his program is coming soon!

RFR Fall Hamilton-23