National Ride for Reading Week and Annual Giving Campaign

We Need Your Help – Please Support Ride for Reading’s Mission

It’s National Ride for Reading Week! Ride for Reading Coordinators and Volunteers across the country are mobilizing book deliveries to low-income communities in 22 cities in 16 different states! We are shipping and distributing as many as 10,000 age-appropriate books to children this week alone. Special thank you to Better World Books for donating several of these books! It takes year-round effort to make these events happen, and that means we need your help.

National RFR Week is also our Annual Giving Week – we rely on charitable donations to keep the lights on, keep the wheels turning, and provide these invaluable programs to the kids in our low-income areas. Please consider giving a 100% tax-deductible gift in any amount.

Why not become a monthly donor? You will have the opportunity to set an affordable monthly donation on our donation page:

You can also help us by sharing this video with your friends, families and contacts and telling YOUR story or testimony about your experience with Ride for Reading! Here is a link to this video: *Special thank you to Train Productions and the Faculty and students from Whitsitt Elementary School for all of their help with this video.

Thank you so much for supporting Ride for Reading!