Ride for Reading denounces SB1716/HB1650 in the state of Tennessee

Ride for Reading has the privilege to serve communities in need, many of which are marginalized and lack the necessary infrastructures to promote community development. As an organization that promotes literacy and healthy living among the most vulnerable residents of these communities, children, we oppose any legislation or initiative to restrict the access and growth of pedestrian and bicycle accessibility in the state of Tennessee and across the country.

SB1716/HB1650 would restrict and end the funds necessary to continue the expansion and upkeep of sidewalks and bike lanes. This bill would undermine the efforts of our organization and would create a hazardous atmosphere for children who commute to school, parks and other destinations via bicycle or walking.

Part of our core mission is to encourage physical activity through exercise.  This bill would restrict access to community centers, libraries and other public facilities that are designed to promote community development as many children who currently utilize these buildings arrive to them via bicycle or by walking.

We encourage all of our supporters to oppose this bill. Please follow these links to learn more from our partner organizations.
Thank you


Juan Camilo Torres

Executive Director


Bike Walk Tennessee

Walk Bike Nashville