Ride for Reading participating in The Big Payback

The Big Payback, Tennessee’s 5th Annual Giving Day, Encourages Middle Tennesseans to Give Local and Support Nonprofits During 24-Hour Campaign

Nashville, Tennessee.  – Ride for Reading is participating in The Big Payback, a 24-hour, online giving event created to help Middle Tennessee nonprofits raise funds vital to continuing their work and directly improving the community around them.

Presented by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, our region’s dedicated day of giving begins at midnight on Wednesday, May 2 and runs for 24 hours. Once the clock starts, anyone can visit TheBigPayback.org and make donations to Ride for Reading and other participating nonprofits – including schools and religious institutions – serving the 40 counties of Middle Tennessee.

Donors can view and select from participating organizations based on location and focus area, such as education, health care, animals, the environment and more, and support multiple nonprofits with gifts from $10 and up.

“When people are raised in poverty and do not have access to resources to better themselves, they fall into unhealthy life patterns and habits and struggle to escape”, said Brenda Mikec, Ride for Reading’s new Executive Director. “The first few years of a child’s life are some of the most important, this is when a lot of cognitive development is happening, much of this occurring in their language and literacy skills. Studies have shown that by age 5, half of children living in poverty are not academically or socially ready for school and that 1 in 300 children have access to age-appropriate books. These children fall behind during critical early years, having a negative effect on their social skills, health and economic status later in life. It becomes a domino effect and we need to address it early on before everything continues to fall. Ride for Reading’s mission is to promote literacy and healthy-living by delivering books to children in low-income communities by bicycle. As someone with a strong passion for both cycling and reading, my heart is drawn closer and closer to fulfilling our vision of a world that is healthy and literate.”

During the past four years of giving days, The Big Payback has made a tremendous impact on the Middle Tennessee community helping raise more than $9.3 million for area organizations.

Gifts from the public during The Big Payback are boosted with funds from sponsors of the event, which provide multiple opportunities for Ride for Reading to vie for financial incentives and additional prizes. The real-time leaderboard hosted on TheBigPayback.org tracks donations and creates additional excitement surrounding the day.

“Nonprofits do important, life-changing work every day across Middle Tennessee,” said Ellen Lehman, president of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. “The Big Payback has become an exciting opportunity for us to come together as a community to support their efforts and recognize the positive impact they have on our neighbors. It’s an easy, fun, and  meaningful way for us to show our local pride, give back, and make an enormous impact in the process.”

For more information, visit TheBigPayback.org.

About Ride for Reading

Ride for Reading is a Nashville-based 501c3 nonprofit organization that works to promote literacy and healthy-living among children in low-income communities by donating age-appropriate books via bicycle. Since its foundation in 2008, Ride for Reading has donated over 450,000 books, mobilized over 20,000 volunteers, and visited over 300 schools in over 50 cities nationwide.

Ride for Reading donates books to Title l schools, public libraries, and community centers while engaging the local community and cycling scene along with teachers and members of the education system. For more information, contact us at info@rideforreading.org or visit www.rideforreading.org.

About The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

The Community Foundation exists to promote and facilitate giving in the 40 counties of Middle Tennessee and beyond. It does this by accepting gifts of any size from anyone at any time and by empowering individuals, families, companies, nonprofits, and communities to respond to needs and opportunities that matter. The Community Foundation works with people who have great hearts, whether or not they have great wealth, to craft solutions that reflect their intentions and goals. For more information, call 615-321-4939 or visit www.cfmt.org.