Schools/Community Centers

Ride for Reading is a Nashville-based non-profit organization that strives to put books into the hands of children utilizing a unique method. We do this by delivering donated books via bicycle to economically-disadvantaged (Title 1) schools. We believe our mission facilitates a decline in the number of low-income families without books in their homes. Our core values keep us focused on our simple grassroots mission of promoting literacy and healthy living.

To Serve

It is the responsibility of the community to identify and strengthen the greatest need for literacy in underserved areas. Ultimately, we all serve to build confidence in children’s lives so that they may pursue their goals.

To Learn

We believe that giving children the chance to choose their own books gives them more opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills.

Be Healthy

Promote a healthy and positive lifestyle for children and volunteers to remain active and safe throughout their everyday lives.

How does my School get involved?

Currently, our organization is only hosting book deliveries 8-9 months/year in Nashville, TN and San Antonio, TX. If your school would like to be involved in a Ride for Reading delivery in either of these cities, please send an e-mail to the appropriate contact below and a Ride for Reading Representative will be in touch with you.

Nashville, TN –
San Antonio, TX – 

If you are located outside of these cities but would like to get involved during our National Ride for Reading Week in May, contact and we will put you in touch with our local RfR Coordinators in your city.

Due to the number of requests we receive, we appreciate your patience in responding back to you and your interest in a Ride for Reading Book Delivery!

Participating Schools & Community Centers

Here is a recent list of participating Metro Nashville Public Schools, Community Centers and other locations that we have delivered books to. Locations are selected in order they are received and they meet the qualifications of Title 1 classification or are located in low-income communities. If you are considering a Book Delivery, we welcome you to contact these locations to learn more about their experience.


  • A.Z. Kelley Elementary (March)
  • Bellevue Community Center (June)
  • Coleman Park Community Center (June)
  • Easley Community Center (June)
  • East Park Community Center (June)
  • Hadley Park Community Center (June)
  • Hermitage Community Center (June)
  • Kirkpatrick Park Community Center (June)
  • McCabe Park Community Center (June)
  • McFerrin Park Community Center (June)
  • Old Hickory Community Center (June)
  • Plaza Mariachi, Hispanic Family Foundation (June)
  • Sevier Park Community Center (June)
  • Shelby Community Center (June)
  • Smith Springs Community Center (June)
  • Southeast Regional Community Center (June)
  • Boys & Girls Club of Middle TN (July)
  • Hartman Park Community Center (July)
  • Looby Community Center (July)
  • Madison Community Center (July)
  • Napier Community Center (July)
  • Paradise Ridge Community Center (July)
  • Parkwood Community Center (July)
  • South Inglewood Community Center (July)
  • West Park Community Center (July)
  • Watkins Park Community Center (August)
  • Food/Book Drive with One Generation Away – East Nashville (August)


  • Eagle View Elementary (November)
  • Robert Churchwell Elementary (October)
  • Chadwell Elementary (September)
  • Fannie Battle Day Home (August)
  • J.E. Moss Elementary (June)
  • Fall Hamilton Elementary (May)
  • Glenview Elementary (April)
  • Smith Springs Elementary (March)


  • Whitsitt Elementary (November)
  • Buena Vista Elementary (October)
  • Cockrill Elementary (September)
  • McFerrin Community Center (July)
  • Salvation Army Magness-Potter Community Center (June)
  • Pennington Elementary (May)
  • Crestview Elementary (May)
  • Mt. View Elementary (April)
  • Carter-Lawrence Elementary (March)