Kathy Ganske, Ph.D.

Kathy Ganske, Ph.D. is Professor of the Practice of Literacy at Vanderbilt University. A few of her professional areas of interest include the development of vocabulary, spelling and phonic knowledge; the teaching and cross-curricular integration of writing; and literacy reform efforts. The questions that drive her research and scholarship extend from these areas and how to enable teachers to implement new practices.

Ganske is the author or coauthor/editor of numerous books on word study, writing, comprehension, and struggling readers and writers. She chairs the Vocabulary Special Interest Group for the American Education Research Association and is Chair-Elect of the Middle Tennessee Reading Association. Her work is grounded in a rich background of elementary classroom experience that encompasses teaching primary through upper elementary grades in various regions of the country and in extensive professional development work with practicing teachers.

When she has time, she enjoys nature walks at nearby Radnor Lake, bicycling, dabbling in poetry writing, and playing bridge. She is delighted to be a new member of the Board for Ride for Reading.